How do I choose a wireless microphone?

Jan 07,2023

1、 If you are an oral broadcast, vlog, food, shop exploration, knowledge sharing, and just started shooting, you need a wired lavalier microphone plugged into your phone or camera to be usable. But it must be inconvenient for a person to shoot with such a line connected all the time. At this time, we need a wireless one.
2、 Sometimes the use of the collar of the wireless microphone affects our beauty. We can take it off and plug it into a wire microphone. Therefore, we'd better buy a wireless microphone with an external microphone hole.
3、 When we are shooting, some partners join in and start shooting with cameras. At this time, one by one microphone can no longer meet our needs. We need to add a transmitter to upgrade it to one by two, or we can add several more microphones to achieve multi player reception. When we buy, we need to be clear about whether we can achieve multi player radio reception.
4、 The most important thing is the sound quality and noise reduction of the wireless microphone, which is a key factor that is much stronger than other people's works. What we fear most when shooting video is the loss of audio, so we must choose a microphone with built-in recording function and double insurance.