What is a wireless microphone?

Jan 07,2023

The electronic component microphone (microphone) on the circuit board first converts the sound signal of nature into audio frequency electrical signal, which will be used to deploy the high-frequency signal caused by the electronic component oscillator. Finally, the high frequency signal is sent to the sky according to the wireless antenna.
We will send the frequency design scheme in the stock band of FM radio, so that we can cooperate with all FM radios to receive the high frequency signal, and recover the sound signal from the high frequency signal for various main purposes.
Main uses of wireless microphone:
1. Wireless microphone: customers can freely rotate and move in all directions when singing, speaking or performing, and it is not easy to stumble or pull back with cables.
2. Wireless radio programs: teachers broadcast the programs on the spot during the teaching, which can enable thousands of students to receive and call lectures via radio, greatly increasing the total number of classes.
3. Wireless pager: When selling products on the street, it is innovative to use wireless microphones to shout, which will receive more creative advertising effects than ordinary microphones.
4. Wireless eavesdropper: It has good confidentiality and safety coefficient, and can be answered with radio phone headset in the distance, without fear of embarrassment when meeting on the spot.