Some problems that should be paid attention to in the use of noise equipment

The microphone is the first link of the entire sound reinforcement system or recording system, and its quality directly affects the quality of the entire system...

Common faults and solutions of sound reinforcement system

The sound reinforcement system sometimes makes a "click" sound, especially in the process of playing music, this phenomenon continues to appear...

The key to improving the quality of the meeting is the sound effect

During the meeting, the sound effect of the meeting is getting more and more attention, because it can directly affect the effect of the entire meeting...

Congratulations to Enping Boda Audio Equipment Factory's website revision and launch!

Enping Boda Audio Equipment Factory specializes in the production of wired, wireless and conference microphones; karaoke amplifiers, professional amplifier...

360 city safety brain operation center

360 is committed to solving various security problems encountered by Chinese Internet users when surfing


FM wireless microphone: commonly known as FM, it refers to FM 88-108MHz international FM broadcasting

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