The key to improving the quality of the meeting is the sound effect

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2020-12-22 19:33

During the meeting, the sound effect of the meeting is getting more and more attention, because it can directly affect the effect of the entire meeting. With the continuous improvement of wireless microphone technology, managers in various industries have benefited a lot. In China, they are no longer restricted by traditional wired microphones, and understanding and using wireless microphones has become a new topic for managers today.

2. Points to note when using lavalier wireless microphones in meetings

1. Lavalier wireless microphone consists of transmitter and receiver. The receiver is controlled by the sound engineer. The transmitter is usually hung on the waist of the user. The microphone head is connected to the transmitter by a small audio cable. When the user expresses to the participants, the motion range is relatively large. In order to reduce the frictional noise with clothing and other objects, the transmitter usually adopts anti-vibration and noise reduction design to ensure clear speech.

2. Of course, the mechanical strength of the audio cable is limited. It is necessary to leave a certain amount of expansion and contraction to avoid changing the direction of the microphone by tension or even breaking the cable. Users with large or uneven breath should also pay attention to the microphone. Avoid the main breath and add a windshield, otherwise there will be a popping sound, which will seriously affect the feelings and hearing emotions of the participants. When the distance between the microphone head and the lips is about 20 cm, and the head swing is large, in order to avoid the sudden strong and weak sound caused by this, it is recommended to use an omnidirectional microphone to ensure that the direction of the microphone remains unchanged and can be increased Pin reinforcement.

3. Experienced users are very particular about wearing microphones, and will not let the clothing cover or hit the wireless microphone to affect the pickup, and know that the switches and buttons on the transmitter cannot be arbitrarily adjusted. The battery power status should always be paid attention to, and according to needs Express emotions to grasp the breath given to the microphone, because this determines your own language expression to be recognized by the participants. Only in this way, even a two-hour meeting can be relaxed and rounded, so that the participants can Hear the content of the meeting clearly.

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