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MG-200 series system speaking unit



Channel isolation degree>85dB Total harmonic distortion<0.05% Frequency response width 20Hz~20KHz Dynamic range>94dB Sensitivity -20dB Signal to noise ratio>96dBA Input impedance 2k Ω Maximum sound pressure level 125dB (THD<3%) Equivalent noise 20dBA (SPL) 2.3-inch LCD display screen Mic type: capacitive, heart-shaped pointing Power supply host DC 24V Installation method: tabletop type Size (excluding microphone) 98 x 128 * 54.98mm

Product number:MG-200





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  • 1.420mm all metal short microphone pole design.
    2. The sensitivity to interference from mobile phones, WIHI, Bluetooth, and FM broadcasting is relatively low, and the anti-interference circuit is designed.
    3. The microphone head is equipped with a speaking light circle, which can display the unit's speaking and off status
    4. Equipped with a 2.3-inch LCD display screen to display the current working status.
    5. The chairman unit has priority function and can close all representative units that are speaking; Support 10 Chairman Units
    6. The connection position of the chairman unit is not restricted;
    7. 8-core specialized aviation T-shaped cables are used to connect units.
    8. The unit is a passive device powered by the system host
    9. The system has automatic repair function, supports line hot plugging function, and supports circular handle connection method to ensure system stability.
    10. Cooperate with the conference host to support four speaking modes: first in first out mode, last in first out mode, free mode, and chairman specific mode.
    11. Supports the number of speeches (1-9), supports 3 meeting modes, including automatic closing, timed closing, and voice controlled speaking.

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