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MG-2001M Digital Conference System Host



Total harmonic distortion<0.05% Frequency response width 20Hz-20kHz Dynamic range>80dB Sensitivity -46 dBV/Pa Signal to noise ratio>96dBA Input impedance 2k Ω Maximum sound pressure level 125dB (THD<3%) Computer interface USBx1 Central control connection port 232 serial port x1 Display screen 3.8-inch LCD Cascade interface 8P-DINx2 Unit interface 8P-DINx4 Power supply AC110V-220V/50Hz Installation method: 19 inch standard cabinet Size 483 x 323 x 90mm 28 * 54.98mm

Product number:MG-2001M





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  • 1. The audio signal is processed using a 32-bit high-speed floating-point DSP, with a bandwidth of 20Hz-20KHz and perfect clear sound quality.
    2. Anti interference circuit design to eliminate all interference from mobile phone signals.
    3.3.8-inch LCD display screen with built-in control menu, capable of controlling conference host related functions and operations, supporting Chinese simplified/traditional and English display.
    4. Dual backup RJ45 and 8-core interface design, the host has 4 RJ45 microphone unit interfaces and 4 8-core microphone unit access ports.
    5. Each channel supports 30 units, can connect 240 units, supports 12 chairman units, supports hand held series connection, T-shaped and circular hand held connection modes.
    6. Connect and communicate locally via USB, use PC software to set up the system, and support online system and code updates.
    7. Meeting mode: First in First out mode, Last in First out mode, Fully open mode, Chairman mode (Chairman unit is not restricted, representative speaking unit 1/2/4/6 can be adjusted).
    8. It has functions such as speaking quantity, automatic closing, timed closing, and voice controlled speaking.
    9. Support cascading function, up to 10 hosts can be cascaded
    10. Multiple audio input and output interfaces, 1 set of XLR output, 1 set of 6.3 output, 1 set of RCA input, and 1 set of RCA recording output.
    11. Configure one RS232 interface, which can send separate on/off instructions for each unit and can be linked to the central control host.

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