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编号 :

ADI-0808 PRO

ADI-0808 PRO Processor (with DANTE)



Product number:ADI-0808 PRO





  • Description
  • Parameters
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  • Product function parameters:
    1.8 channels of balanced microphone/line, 8 channels of AES67 (DANTE) input, with 48V phantom power supply soft switch
    2. Input gain 3dB step, no less than 16 levels; suitable for MIC and LINE levels
    3.8 channels of balanced lines, 8 channels of AES67 (DANTE) output
    4.*The audio processor can be connected to the network, and mobile phones, tablets, and computers can control the audio processor through wired or wireless networks.
    5.* Control the microphone volume, turn on and mute the microphone, and adjust the volume in real time through a mobile phone or tablet according to different speakers without having to go to the cabinet to ensure the continuity of the meeting.
    6.* You can adjust the balance, pressure limit, and feedback of the microphone and music, and check the status of each channel at any time.
    7. The audio processor has a built-in one-in and one-out sound card, supporting music playback, recording and soft video conferencing (such as ZOOM, Tencent Conference, DingTalk Conference, etc.).
    8.*The computer is connected to the processor via a USB cable for music playback without the need to connect other cables.
    9.*The computer is connected to the processor through a USB cable, and the conference can be recorded. You can choose a single channel, several channels or all audio channels.
    10.* Built-in programmable central control function, supports 1 channel 232, 1 channel 485 and UDP interface, and can be connected to 8 channels of 232 expander.
    11.* It can control the power supply, signal switching, environment control, audio, etc. in the system as a whole, and realize the functions required to start the system with one click.
    12.*Support user-customized operation interfaces for Android and Apple, and support up to 30 devices managed by the same interface;
    13.* Automatic gain control AGC ensures that the output volume of the sound system is stable and does not affect the volume in the audience area caused by the speaker being far or near the microphone.
    14.Support gain sharing automatic mixing (AMC)
    15.8 GPIOs can be independently configured for input and output, and can be used as an independent ADC when configuring inputs
    16.12-band British parametric equalization, providing 5 filter options: Parametric, Lowshelf, Highshelf, Lowpass, Highpass;
    17. Bus-based AEC echo cancellation, noise suppression (ANS)
    18. Each channel should have no less than 8 points of adaptive feedback suppression (AFC);
    19.*The processing module is configurable and can be freely replaced according to needs;
    20. Provide 8 devices for online operation at the same time;
    21.*Support dodger function (Ducker);
    22. Noise Gain Compensator (ANC)
    23. Gain sharing automatic mixing (AMC), gate automatic mixing (Gate Mixer);
    24.*Support voice-activated camera tracking function;
    Technical Parameters:
    1. Processor: ADI SHARC 21489
    2. Sampling rate/number of quantization bits: 48K/24bit
    3.40bit DSP floating point operation engine
    4. Number of analog input and output channels: 8 x 8
    5.AES67 input and output channel number: 8 x 8
    6. Input gain: 0/3/6/9/12/15/18/21/24/27/30/33/36/39/42/45/48 dBu
    7. Phantom power: +48V/10mA max
    8. Frequency response (20~20kHz): ±0.3dB
    9. Maximum level: +18dBu
    10.THD+N:<-95dB @17dBu
    11. Input dynamic range: 113dB
    12. Output dynamic range: 113dB
    13.Channel isolation @1kHz:108dB
    14. Input impedance (balanced connection): 5.4KΩ
    15. Output impedance (balanced connection): 600Ω
    16. System delay: <3ms
    17. Working power supply: AC110~240V, 50Hz/60Hz
    18. Dimensions (width x depth x height): 482 x 260 x 45mm
    19.Transportation weight: 4KG

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