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VM-900 UHF Wireless Dual Channel Microphone



Product number:VM-900





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  • RF carrier frequency range: 640-690MHz
    Usage distance: 30-50M in open areas
    Frequency stability: ± 0.005%
    Signal to noise ratio: > 100dB
    RF output power: 10mW
    Harmonic radiation:<-; 50dBc<-40dBc
    Maximum output sound pressure: 130dB
    Microphone head: dynamic performance characteristics:
    1. 2-channel UHF wireless system with 100 selectable frequencies per channel;
    2. Equipped with LCD display, providing real-time feedback on the system's working status;
    3. Adopting digital voice code locking technology to effectively block noise interference in the usage environment;
    4. Adopting the latest infrared automatic frequency matching (ACT) and automatic frequency selection (AFS) technology, setting and operation are more convenient;
    5. Two microphones can be interchangeably used, with an aluminum alloy casing (high-density plastic for the lower tube) for durability and more stable performance. Handheld/lavalier/headworn microphones are optional;
    6. In an ideal environment, more than 4 hosts can be stacked and used simultaneously

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