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SLXD22 VHF Wireless Dual Channel Microphone



Product number:SLXD22





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  • RF carrier frequency range: 210-270MHz
    Usage distance: 30-50M in open areas
    Frequency stability: ± 0.005%
    Signal to noise ratio: > 100dB
    RF output power: 10mW
    Harmonic radiation:<-; 50dBc<-40dBc
    Maximum output sound pressure: 130dB
    Microphone head: dynamic

    The SLXD22 VHF Wireless Dual Channel Microphone is a versatile wireless microphone system that includes two handheld microphones operating on the VHF frequency band. dual-channel system provides with the flexibility to use two microphones simultaneously, it ideal for performances, presentations, interviews and other applications where wireless mobility is required. The SLXD22 system offers reliable wireless transmission, high audio quality, and stable connectivity, making it suitable for use in medium to large venues. The handheld microphones are designed with durable construction and high-quality microphone capsules to deliver clear and natural sound reproduction With its user-friendly features and robust performance, the SLXD22 VHF Wireless Dual Channel Microphone system is a reliable choice for performers, presenters, and audio professionals seeking a premium wireless microphone solution.

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