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ME-862M Wireless conference system



Product number:ME-862M.





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  • Receiver:
    ●lt adopt digital analog to realize sound signal transmission, high fidelity, highsignal to noise ratio and no sound delay. Use the unique new anti-howlingsingle-point high-sensitivity capacitor microphone makes the conferencesound almost perfect.
    ●The main control machine adopts all-metal structure design, and the mainunit is made of engineering plastic material with novel appearance design,built一in antenna, beautiful and decent.
    ●Users can fleaibly increase or decrdase tha attendance unit.The factorydefault system attendance unit capacity is ≤ 255 (including 1 chairman).
    ●With rotations 1-2-3-4, restrictions 1-2-3-4, the chairman's proprietarymulti-session speech mode function.
    ●Ultra-low power consumption, continuous speaking time of more than 6hours and standby time of more than 10 hours; ordinary battery of No.5 ororiginal Nl-MH battery of the manufacturer can be used.A matching smartcharger to protect the battery, extend the battery life and ensure safety.
    ●Large screen LCD display.The hierarchical menu design makes operationsimple and convenient.And there are many functions such as powerdisplay and under voltage warning, frequency channel and signal indication.
    ●Both the audio channel and the control channel are transmitted wirelessly,no need to lay cables,and the signal coverage can be moved freely in thepark,which makes the venue layout convenient and flexible.
    ●Size ( LxWxH ):480x320x90mm
    launcher :
    ●Has a 2.23-inch OLED display, which displays microphone status, signal strength, and battery power
    ●Anti-electromagnetic interference circuit design to prevent all electromagnetic interference
    ●Ultra-low power consumption circuit design, continuous speaking time is no less than 12 hours.
    ●With a red light ring to show the working status of the microphone.
    ●Chairman unit, with priority button, can control the meeting atmosphere.
    ●The function of randomly assigning ID address codes to avoid duplication of ID address codes
    ●Adjacent channel interference suppression: >60dB
    ●Microphone directivity:> Heart-shaped pointing
    ●Pickup sensitivity: >0dBM (1V)
    ●Transmitting power: >+10dBM (10MW)
    ●Microphone power consumption: 120mA
    ●UHF frequency range: 715MHz~785MHz
    ●Microphone length: 420mm
  • The ME-862M Wireless Conference System is a comprehensive wireless conferencing solution designed for professional meetings, conferences, and corporate events. This system includes wireless tabletop microphones, a central control unit, and integrated audio processing features to facilitate clear and efficient communication among participants. The ME-862M system offers flexible microphone placement options, allowing presenters and participants to move freely around the conference room while maintaining clear and reliable audio transmission. The wireless technology ensures hassle-free setup and operation, while the advanced digital signal processing capabilities optimize speech intelligibility and minimize background noise. With its user-friendly interface and reliable wireless connectivity, the ME-862M Wireless Conference System is an ideal choice for modern conference rooms and collaborative meeting environments.

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